Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeling overwhelmed about the whole fertility journey?

Hello everyone

I had a great weekend at the Fertility Show in London on the 2nd and 3rd of November. I blogged about it last week. As you know I was exhibiting with the Natural Fertility Expert team, who I've mentioned on a few occasions here. In between people coming and talking to us as a team we had the chance to chat  which is always a good thing to do, as it helps us to move in the right direction. Sarah Holland who works alongside Andrew, Clare and myself giving support to couples from an emotional side, turned to me and said..

‘..Angela there is so much here for people, it must be so overwhelming for them’ and she was right. Over the course of the day and the next although we saw many  positive, motivated women and couples visit our stand, we also saw many overwhelmed and confused people.

Sarah is fab, as she is always looking to help people on their fertility journey and as she provides the emotional support for Natural Fertility Expert always get to the heart of the emotional issues that could be impacting negatively on peoples fertility journey. It’s not surprising in the short time since the Fertility show Sarah  galvanised some of these thoughts into action and decided to put a seminar together to specifically help people with the sheer volume of information that is out there around fertility.

‘End Overwhelm and Take Positive Steps Forward on your Fertility Journey NOW!’ will be held on Thursday 14th November at 8pm

This seminar is free to attend and easy to listen in to online from home.  Sarah will share real techniques to help the listeners overcome overwhelm, make good decisions, and move positively forward on their fertility journeys.  This seminar will make it easier for you to look at those brochures, make appointments and make good decisions to boost your fertility.  It could help you decide which clinics and practitioners to work with also.
It is completely free of charge and there will be nothing promoted or sold to you during the seminar – just support and techniques to help you to overcome stress and overwhelm, and feel positive on your fertility journey delivered by Sarah!

As I believe so strongly in this message and what Sarah does as part of the team, I thought it might resonate with many people out there who feel that the sheer amount of useful fertility information makes it difficult to know where to start.
If you want to sign up to this visit Sarah Holland’s page

With love

Angela x