Friday, February 14, 2014

How I met Joe Cross 'Reboot' King and how cleansing helps fertility

It’s been a while since I have updated my blog, so I hope you are still following!!
Busy times since the Fertility Show in November 2013 in the run up to Christmas. Lots of  people were really keen to get in some valuable information on how to super charge their diet in early December, so I was asked to speak at Natural Fertility Experts regular ‘Fertility Question time’ or FQT as its now being called. So many people responded to the information about fertility food for Winter, it was silly season! But all fabulous as I have now met a whole bunch of new lovely fertility clients and 2014 is kicking off with a bang!

If you want to listen to the free replay, visit:  which is now the biggest worldwide regular free fertility seminar in the world! I’m also speaking in March so feel free to listen then too!

Since the new year,  one of my lovely clients has given birth to her gorgeous baby and this got me thinking about her journey, which all started with a ‘fertility cleanse’ I put together for her. I remember the early days of her experience when I was out with my parents at my regular Sunday lunch. Her husband called 2 times ‘ I’m really sorry to disturb you on a Sunday Angela but Anabel is really suffering with the detox… can you give her some support and help, she’s not a happy thing at all!’
I reassured both Anabel and her husband that it was all part of the natural process of cleansing the body and part of the rotten deal and maybe why you feel so amazing when you pass through to the other side!! J sure enough she was feeling great in 2 days and to this day talks about how amazing she felt on the cleanse!

I’m due to meet the new man in her life very soon and can’t wait for a cuddle.

What is a detox

Not a word I’m too keen on as your body naturally detoxes everyday. Also I'm sure many allopathic doctors will grimace and roll their eyes when you tell them you are on a 3 day juice ‘detox’

A cleanse clears the body of toxins  and can enhance the digestive system to work more efficiently and assists the body to return to homeostasis (balance)     
Cleansing will enable the liver to convert fat soluble toxins into water soluble components so that the body can eliminate them via urine, faeces or sweat. 

A cleanse won’t be pleasant and may be the hardest thing you will ever do in the first few days if you are sick or overweight, but its worth its weight in gold in terms of the results you get from it, especially in relation to fertility.

The key organ here is the liver, our old friend that takes a healthy battering in modern life and is a key organ for reproduction and also supports better digestions which in essence is how we feed our hormones and breakdown the essential components for a healthy reproductive function.

As you know I am always keen to make sure I have experienced things for myself before passing on the support to my clients, and regular readers will know of my own hormonal journey and battle with migraines and prolactin. I went on a 7 day juice cleanse in Thailand many years ago during the early days of my nutrition course, and sure enough my hormonal balance turned a corner. 

As A result I: Reduced cortisol, my acne improved, which was initially caused by the hormones being out of kilter. I  lowered my oestrogen, increased my testosterone and more importantly increased my progesterone the ‘happy hormone’ as I like to call it, as it makes you feel so good when levels are high in the luteal phase of ladies cycles! I have since done 2 cleanses another in Thailand and a mini one back in wet and windy UK.  So although anecdotal, it was enough for me to carry on this ‘experiment’ where ever possible with clients and to do a healthy amount of research on the subject!

In short a cleanse  enables your digestive system to work better to effectively eliminate toxins and parasites. The powerful punch of liquid nutrients are now the subject of much research in terms of suggested fertility benefits.  To steal a  phrase from a really amazing inspirational dude Joe Cross it will help your body to ‘Reboot’ .

I had as the chance to meet lovely Joe Cross recently in Planet Organic in Wandsworth. He was talking to a packed audience about his experiences of ‘rebooting’ and his journey from autoimmunity and stressed out exec who was ‘ fat sick and nearly’ dead as he titled his documentary, to living proof and glowing health.

I talked to him about how I recommend a juice detox to my clients in the form of a full 7 day cleanse to help them to reboot their fertility and start on an even keel. He mentioned during our brief chat that he had heard many stories on his travels around the States Australia and the UK about infertile couples after many years of trying getting pregnant after a ‘reboot’

I even managed a sneaky photo as well!

Weather and seasons do make  difference and I don’t normally recommend a cleanse in Winter and Autumn, for me the best time and more in line with how your body naturally works is to do a cleanse in the spring to gently wake it up, followed by maybe another one in late summer if you need it.
For recipes on doing a 3 – 15 days juice ‘reboot visit Joes site where you will find lots of inspirational stories and support to help you ‘Reboot’

I’m easing myself into juicing and currently trying which is local to the UK and Ireland and comes in a handy repacked shot of Wheatgrass.

So far so good, I’ve been doing them for 8 days and although the initial spray of pimples have made me hide from the world, it’s a sign that my body is detoxing and regenerating well! They taste much more pleasant than I was expecting, are never heated or frozen and are subject to ultra high pressure to kill off the nasties after the cold pressing. Also they are great for popping in your handbag when you leave the house or when away from home as they don’t need refrigeration!  I’m not sure if its me but my hair is extra shiny and I feel much ‘ lighter’ during this wet and windy week in the UK!

All my love

Angela x