Friday, November 8, 2013

Natural Fertility Expert - The Fertility Show and FQT 7th November

Hello lovely people. I’m a really happy girl today. I’m still buzzing from being at the Fertility Show with the whole team at:  last weekend on the 2nd and 3rd November in London. We had such an amazing turnout and managed to speak to over 300 people. A few of the people I spoke to had some really amazing stories of overcoming their fertility issues and going on to have the family they dreamed about. There were also lots of sad stories about loss and picking yourself up after years of trying and failed IVF attempts.
Andrew Loosely and Clare Blake did a fabulous talk on Sunday together with Michael Dooley a conventional medical practitioner about ‘ complementary therapies – can they boost your fertility’ There were over 200 people in the audience and lots of really interesting questions both on Chinese herbs and fertility massage.

Last night we all talked at the regular slot on Fertility Question time:  what should have been a 2 hour session turned into a 3 hour session, as we all got very passionate about our displines and Andrew gave away an amazing offer. If you haven’t listened yet, sign up and you will be added to the replay list, where you will also get access to the past 4 talks. 

Whilst writing this article I checked in on my emails, and had some great news, a lady who has been working with us for just under 3 months is now pregnant and I will be supporting her with the first trimester plan as a pose to the conception plan now!
I love my job!