Friday, November 1, 2013

Fertility Question Time ~ 7th November 2013 8pm UK time

I have neglected my blog as of late, as I have been sooo busy. No excuses I know, but from late August I had a rush of interest from Fertile Ground Nutrition, I went on holiday to Indonesia and Singapore for 2 weeks! Hooray!  And I have been taking part in a few online talks and working really closely with the team from the Natural Fertility Expert.

I have been working with Natural Fertility Expert for nearly 3 years now. I love it! NFE is owned and managed by my very old friend Andrew Loosely, who I have known since I was 13 when we both lived in Hong-Kong. Andrew has really supported me in building my presence in the fertility world, and also happens to be brilliant at his job as a Chinese Fertility Herbal specialist ! (he’s not Chinese, but you know what I mean!) Up until around 18 months ago, it was a smaller team, but we now have a few new fab team members, which has been very exciting for me as they are ladies!! I was brought in to work with Andrew a few years ago as part of his vision to provide a plethora of fertility support. He is now continuing this theme by expanding the team to ensure the best package for client’s needs, to cover all aspects of fertility!

The new team members…

Sarah Holland provides the emotional support to clients – a much needed area if you have been suffering from fertility issues for a while. She is an expert EFT practioner also fab and has a voice like treacle and does wonders to your mindset in terms of overcoming blockages!  (I speak from experience here!)

Clare joined the team recently as a world expert in Fertility Massage, is equally fabulous, and as well as providing this service to clients, also manages to spread the love by teaching students this amazing technique .

If you have time I would listen to some past online events with the links provided to see how passionate we are about our areas of interest!

Last but not least the amazing Peter who keeps us on in line by arranging almost everything Natural Fertility Expert needs to help support clients in their journey.  (Peter is not new but I didn't want to not mention him!)


Since the last post, where I gave you an update on my story I’ve been busy supporting new clients with some really tricky fertility issues such as MTHFR and factor V leiden ( which I wrote about in previous blogs). I was also supporting a client through Natural Fertility Expert who was pregnant with Twins. The good news is since I last updated, the lady carrying twins at 49 has now delivered a beautiful girl and boy a little earlier than expected but both are doing fine!

Fertility Question Time – join our next session on 7th November UK time 8pm

This is a really short blog compared to my usual lengthy updates and its mainly to give you an update and time to sign up to a fabulous free online talk on fertility with the whole team at Natural Fertility Expert…

I’m really excited about this, as Andrew Loosely will be giving away some amazing offers as part of this, so its well worth signing up to! Our online discussion will take place and is part of the regular monthly online ‘Fertility Question Time!

What is FQT?

Fertility Question Time is a FREE online event hosted by Andrew Loosely, the founder of Natural Fertility Expert and The Baby Creating Plan.

Andrew regularly invites expert fertility guest speakers from around the world to discuss how to use natural methods to optimise your fertility health, and increase your chances of having a baby.

 Next Event: 7th November 2013, 8pm UK time
Clockwise from top left: Andrew Loosely, Sarah Holland, Clare Blake and Me!


How to Get Pregnant Naturally and with IVF

The 4 best treatments to use to prepare for natural and IVF conception and pregnancy

Speakers: Andrew Loosely - Chinese Fertility Medicine Expert

Sarah Holland - Fertility EFT Expert

Angela Heap - Fertility Nutrition Expert

Clare Blake - Fertility Massage Expert

 Registration is easy:

And you will receive login details to attend the event and reminders before the event goes live.

I will also be supporting Andrew and the team at the London Fertility Show on the 2nd and 3rd of November. If you are coming or have a free weekend and live in the UK, feel free to come and talk to us. We will be on Stand 21.
Both Clare and Andrew will be presenting, so don't miss it!

Photos to follow in the next blog!

Lots of love

Angela Heap

Fertility Nutritionist

Twitter: @angeheap