Monday, September 28, 2015

OvuSense a new Fertility Monitor that works (part 2)

I have been promising this review of OvuSense  for a while but I wanted to hang on - to really put it to the test and last month it didn't disappoint. 

As you may remember in Part 1 I got the monitor some months ago and was trailing it alongside BBT charting. Last month things really turned a corner with using this.

I was ill for a few days and my basal body temp went up to 37  degrees randomly right before I begin the phase just before ovulation. Temps stayed highish for a few days during this time, as I was fighting something off which never materialised ( cold for an hour, cold sore and achy bones) 

In my own predictions this would put me to ovulation on day 13-16, a prediction also confirmed by OvuSense to  around the 5th August. I have posted the pictures below but it’s a real example of how OvuSense, as it follows core temps, will show the real dates of ovulation in unison with natural progesterone in the body.

Ovusense  is in fact, according to its trails 99% accurate in detecting ovulation. As already mentioned Ovusense uses core body temps to predict ovulation. One of the biggest bonuses though using core temps, is that it can predict any cycle and for women who have periods only a few time a year -  this is valuable knowledge. The other bonus is if the temps stay low, then its time to trot off to the doctors to look at progesterone as this maybe why you aren’t getting pregnant as levels are just too low!  This is something that Ovusense picked up with me this last cycle, as its been a pretty stressful month with lots of things going on for me and as mentioned in previous articles if cortisol is high i.e. stress it will actively steal progesterone from your body! 

Below is an example of my normal cycles where I have good progesterone which was also confirmed by blood tests.

As OvuSense will pick up ovulation when temps rise, it is an amazing resource for Women who are diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Timing is everything with trying for a baby and you get a 24-72 hour window, depending on sperm health. Also  if you only ovulate 3 times in that year, you bet you are going to want to get busy having sex when you need to if you aren't cycling regularly!  

I have a lot of clients who suffer from PCOS. It a condition that 1 in ten women suffer from and something I have been supporting a lot in the last 10 years.  I'm pretty passionate abut this condition and I volunteer on a Facebook Forum sponsored by Ovusense for PCOS Women that has over 6000 members. I have to say the forum is an amazing resource. The ladies who support it Laura and Lucinda who work for OvuSense respond and support a whole raft of technical issues and also brave emotional support and give encouragement when ever possible. Kate Davies also supports the ladies and comes from a background of nursing via her own company Your Fertility Journey. Kate has over 20 years of specialist knowledge in Fertility and gynaecology. and support the ladies who have an Ovusense monitor with a free consultation with her; for others a 15 mins sessions is offered for free. OvuSense also have women so passionate about the monitor that they give up their free time as admins to help out and support the running of this page. The balance on the forum is great and its more of a support network than anything else where those who have bought OvuSense can post up charts and others ask advice on BBT charting and also diets and supplements. ( that’s where I come in where I can!) If you have PCOS and are curious I’d say jump in and join! 

All in all out of all the monitors I have tried, for £295 you can’t go wrong with Ovusense. They also offer monthly plans to pay so its affordable! It is in its early days as a fertility monitor and there are some teething probs like faulty monitors now and then. But to be honest, many monitors out there do also have these issues. It is a hefty piece of machinery in terms of packing a punch with what it has to do daily!

When I had a sensor that stopped working this was courier out the next day and it didn’t cause any disruption to my cycle. This is something also reported on the Facebook Forum. I haven’t seen one bad comment about the teams commitment to sending out and replacing equipment if not working. Everyone loves the OvuSense team as they get straight on it if there is an issues!

In the future OvuSense may also be used as contraceptive! In the meantime I wholeheartedly endorse it as a fertility monitor to help women who want to get pregnant! In fact speaking of that OvuSense have had 50 pregnancies since the beginning of 2015! Pretty good going I'd say! 

I have now been using it for over 6 months and  can say with some assurances I know how it works and look forward, every morning to seeing the little blue monitor building my picture and letting me know when I’m in my fertile window and when I’m not! 
What’s not to love about that as a woman and how amazingly empowering is that? As a Fertility Nutritionist it makes my job easier and it helps me to support clients where I can who use it. I look forward to the day that Ovusense is in high street Chemists alongside other things like OPK kits and Clearblue fertility monitors, leading the way and giving modern women one less thing to worry about in terms of their fertility!

Disclaimer: OvuSense gave me a fertility monitor for the purpose of this review