Saturday, January 3, 2015

Carrying a little holiday weight? What I'm really more interested in is what you do with the rest of the year to build fertility!

Right now we may be feeling a little guilty over the excesses of the Christmas period and thinking ‘ I ate so much between Christmas and New Year,  I’ve got to do something about it now 2015 is here’

While I always promote healthy eating, a few days out of 365 days isn't going to hurt your fertility if you indulge. Hey you’re not alone there, after 4 days at Heap headquarters with my Mum, Dad and the rest of the Heapsters, I am also ‘carrying a little holiday weight’ and as I track my cycle things have gone a little haywire there too, as I've stayed up late chatting and laughing with the family and popping a few chocolate nuts along the way! 

( I'm also now suffering as I have the dreaded lurgi which has lingered on from the 28th until today!) The difference is, I know that it's normal to put weight on and feel a bit off colour as we wind down from the manic year, and I'm not beating myself up about it. My sister said to me only this morning ‘ who doesn't put a bit of weight on over this time period, if you don’t you are just plain weird!'
Yes, you may like me be a few pounds heavier, but once you resume healthy eating and exercise those couple of pounds you put on over Xmas will be gone with a few weeks of healthy eating and exercise.  And don’t forget if you have been good most of the year your system will be back to normal after a few weeks.

What I'm really more interested in is what you do with the rest of the year. Don't focus on a few days, when in fact you should be focussing on the other 360 days of the rest of year. If you can eat healthy and exercise 80% of the time, you are doing well. If you do it 90% of the time, you are doing fantastic. If you do it 100% of the time…… you need to get a life and live a little ….  (hey we are all human and we need a bit of structure but not so much it strangles us!)

Remember the time you spent with loved ones over the Christmas/New Year period? This time is all about enjoying yourself and removing the stresses as much as you can and ‘ gratitude’ for what’s good in your life and trying hard not to focus on the fact that 2014 didn't bring you that longed for baby. 2015 is a whole new year full of possibilities! I wrote a post about this in December too! 

Its estimated that people only keep their new years resolutions for up to ten days after the new year. Many of the reasons behind this are that people set themselves really unrealistic goals which can become a millstone round your neck. I would say I have been honored to be part of some amazing support groups for fertlity  the tail end of 2014 such as ' Your Fertility Support Group; and PCOS Fertility Suport UK However what has really hit home to me when I delve in and give advice is that when it comes to diet people really don't see the connection with low nutrient food in and deficiencies occuring; and how hormone balancing can really happen if you put the right fuel in the tank to build them correctly. What I also saw was that people are really confused and many rely on advice via lay people, where something has worked for their online friend,  as well as advice from colleagues and then there is always Dr Google!

Here’s a great New Years resolution to add to yours that is really simple. There is so much out there,  try not to confuse yourself with everything under the sun around improving fertility and focus on a few people you like and trust either on the internet or directly. I’d love to be part of your ‘ trusted source’. Most practitioners will offer a free chat to get to know each other, and after that its your choice to take things further!

I'm doing just that at the moment myself, as well as doing my annual calculation on success rates and I had a 63% pregnancy rate this year on the clients I saw, including 2 gorgeous twins  (one pictured below). Hooray! 
Here’s a recent interview I did with the lovely Kate Davies Fertility Coach for Your Fertility Journey to give you a flavour of how I work

I'd love to hear from you to help you plan and take forward a personal food and supplement programme thats unique to your circumstances. I'd be delighted to have a chat, whether over skype of if you are based in the UK and want to do a' face to face' I'd love to see you in London in my clinic. You can reach me via the email below.

In the meantime I hope you are having a lovely break and are all charged up with fabulous realistic resolutions for 2015 and some great next steps to take in your fertility journey after the holidays.

With much love
Fertility Nutritionist, NT, mBANT