Friday, May 2, 2014

Are your Genes Blocking Your Fertility?

Hi lovely people.

I'm just winding down from a manic day in Fertile Ground Nutrition HQ. 

I launched my new website, and talked for around 45 minutes about Genes and their effect on Fertility at the amazing Fertility Focus Summit 

I'm still buzzing from the day and I've already had so many people sign up to the free guide I have produced on my website and I've also had a few queries already!

My talk was almost at the end of such an amazing week with so many fabulous experts all talking about fertility!  If you missed any of the talks including mine - the upgrade to this is such a reasonable price and includes a massive array of Fertility specialist all under one event so to speak. 

Sarah Holland has done such an amazing job this year! (To be fair she does an amazing job every year and as this is the 5th year running she pushed the boat out with some really interesting speakers for the 2014 line up) 

I spoke to her at around 6pm this evening as, as usual I was a little excited and needed some last minute info about the talk around the logistics ( well prepared as usual - dyslexic bird!) and while we were talking, she had unloaded the dishwasher, was feeding the baby and her eldest son and was preparing for the evening ahead, as she also had her talk that evening!! I left the call feeling a bit in awe! Which put me in a bit more of a clear and present place - that girl was destined to be an EFT guru! My talk went ahead without a glitch, which she assured me it would! I'm now unwinding and took her advice to chill out and relax afterwards and in a sec I'm taking my tired behind off to bed! 

Lots of love

Angela x